the gutsy team

Veera Ikonen

Managing Director
+358 40 7080701

Gutsy Go’s Managing Director Veera Ikonen is an award-winning journalist, producer, and writer/director with 20 years of experience. She has participated in the production of multiple TV properties, including the youth isolation prevention series, Banged Up, and the Tampere Film Festival prize-winning documentary, The Unknown Refugee.
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Mikko Mäkipää

Educational Strategist

Mikko Mäkipää has learned to be inspired by challenges. A visionary educator, Mäkipää developed the Gutsy Go training guide, and monitors trainee standards. He is a born optimist who specializes in public speaking and building confidence in young people who suffer from social anxiety.
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Johanna Vanttaja

Event Producer

Johanna Vanttaja has many years of experience producing international film and cultural events. She spearheads Gutsy Go City Interventions and oversees training events and general community management. She is passionate about volunteering and is a master connector.
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Pedram Aflatuni

Educator, DoP-Editor

Pedram Aflatuni is community educator with a professional musical theater background. He is a Gutsy Go coach, editor, and cinematographer. Passionate about skateboarding and versatile as a musician, you’ll find him in a good mood 99% of the time.
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Carita Kauppinen

Executive Producer

Carita has worked in various drama and entertainment productions for over 15 years. She applies her skills at Gutsy Go to making peace solutions visible.
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"Not alone, but together. Not for myself, but for others."

People at Gutsy Go are united by a burning desire to work for the benefit of the world and others. Our team includes professional educators, experienced media makers, producers and communications specialists.

Send us a message if this inspires you and you would like to ask about job opportunities at Gutsy Go!