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Pedram Aflatuni

Educator, Cinematographer, Editor

Pedram has developed the method since 2016 and has been educating already over 400 coaches in Finland and baltic area. He’s responsible of educating the method to the coaches and mainly in charge of Gutsy Go’s published media in different platforms. He has directed dozens of youngsters Gutsy Go projects and their video productions. In the year 2021 Pedram won the State Award for Public Information as a part of the Gutsy Go developing team.
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Soheila Mikkonen

Executive Producer and Developer

Soheila Mikkonen is an innovative and creative producer, journalist-screenwriter, communications professional, and solution-focused coach. She specializes in multiplatform content creation and hybrid events, with a passion for ideating media products that accelerate learning.

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Aram Aflatuni

Executive Director

Aram Aflatuni is an award-winning producer, trainer and developer. He has worked for more than 30 years in educational projects promoting peace and social inclusion of children and youth in more than 10 countries, with international organizations, state administration, police and various media companies as partners.
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"Not alone, but together. Not for myself, but for others."

People at Gutsy Go are united by a burning desire to work for the benefit of the world and others. Our team includes professional educators, experienced media makers, producers and communications specialists.

Send us a message if this inspires you and you would like to ask about job opportunities at Gutsy Go!