Hanna-Mari Aflatuni


Hanna-Mari Aflatuni is a dynamic force at the intersection of midwifery, drama education, and community empowerment. With over a decade of experience as a midwife and over 20 years as a drama educator, Hanna-Mari’s passion lies in empowering women, youth, and communities in finding their innate powers and capabilities. As a board member at Gutsy Go, Hanna-Mari contributes her expertise to furthering the organisation’s mission.

With a background spanning over 1000 deliveries in clinical settings, Hanna-Mari brings a wealth of expertise in maternal health and gender equality promotion. Her work extends beyond the delivery room, encompassing education and advocacy on topics such as the psychology of birth fear, maternal movements for optimal fetal positioning and non-medical pain relief. Through birth preparation classes, parenting workshops, and training for new parents and families, she fosters knowledge and confidence in individuals and healthcare professionals alike.

In the realm of drama and community theatre, Hanna-Mari has dedicated years to working with youth, guiding them towards self-discovery through creative expression. Whether it’s theatre schools, projects, or events, she has championed the use of drama as a medium for personal growth and community service.

Hanna-Mari’s commitment to global citizenship has led her to diverse corners of the world. From 2021 to 2024, she lived and worked in Yerevan, Armenia. There, she instilled skills of social action, peace education, and problem-solving among the youth.

During her time in Armenia she worked as a project manager and trainer in a maternal health initiative funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. This initiative bridged her expertise in maternal health, training locals to educate women on pregnancy, birth preparation, and post-natal care, with a special focus on assisting displaced women from the Nagorno-Karabakh region and educating local doctors.