See good.
Be Gutsy.


Media that matters

The Gutsy Go approach won Finland’s largest idea competition Builders of the Century in 2017 for a novel and impressive initiative preventing the social exclusion of young people. The approach trains the age group of 14-year-olds in implementing solutions to problem areas in their urban communities. Gutsy Go applies advanced technology, enabling young people to use their mobile phone cameras to highlight good practices and share them throughout the community. Thousands of young people are gaining experience of social participation and favourable visibility at a critical stage in their lives.

Over its two years of operation, Gutsy Go has already reached 14 localities, 2,000 young people, more than 100 teachers, and hundreds of education professionals. Young people have together developed 200 video recordings of peace and confidence building solutions.

The approach is backed by the social enterprise Gutsy Media Oy and the non-profit Gutsy Go association.

Gutsy Go operations are enabled with the support of Finnish foundations, the Parliament of Finland, cities and social responsibility partners.