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Gutsy Go is a bold social peace action movement that gives young people the tools to do good works within their own communities. You approve the following terms and conditions of use by accessing our website and service.

Community standards

– We are all peacemakers together. Peace is not a passive condition, but an activity that fosters trust, enthusiasm and togetherness.

– Make peace visible. You have a “right to copy” – to find inspiration in the peace actions that you witness here, and to create your own versions that benefit your own community. You must nevertheless respect the original video and its copyrights, and refrain from incorporating it as your own work or using the Gutsy Go logo or other branded material. We still encourage you to cite the inspiration for the idea of launching your own peace action in social media, and you may acknowledge us in ways that enable us to locate your action.
Licensees are authorised to use and download materials as agreed, while respecting all copyrights. All rights thereto shall remain the property of Gutsy Go, and no materials may be copied or disclosed for use by non-licensees.

– Together we treat people with respect and esteem. We seek to understand one another and increase positive interaction.

– We cherish diversity and equity. Gutsy Go online services and operations are free of all discrimination. We do not permit inappropriate or hostile conduct or speech against others on any of our channels.

– Gutsy Go is committed to acting in an ethical and lawful manner, and we expect and require you to follow this example. We respect data protection (link to privacy statement) and take special care to ensure the safety of minors in our community. Please let us know directly if you observe any inappropriate use.