Aram Aflatuni

Aram Aflatuni is an award-winning producer, trainer and developer. He has worked for more than 30 years in educational projects promoting peace and social inclusion of children and youth in more than 10 countries, with international organizations, state administration, police and various media companies as partners.

Aram’s media career began in the 90s as a TV presenter and journalist. More than 20 years of international media career includes a wide range of work as a reporter in war zones (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia) to producing dozens of major entertainment programs (Dragons Den, Life at Stake, Kakola, Hells Kitchen, Eurovisions). He has been the CEO of several TV production companies, including ITV Studios Finland.

Aram’s special passion is focused on innovations that promote peace and well-being: The Life at Stake TV series encouraged a million viewers to improve their well-being, the materials for the life management course designed for young people from the most watched TV series at YLE Areena in its year of publication, Kakola, were offered to all schools in Finland at the request of the Finnish Board of Education.

Aram is the lead developer and founder of Gutsy Go. Gutsy Go has trained more than 5000 young people and 500 teachers in four different countries.

Aram has been involved in development teams whose content has been sold to dozens of countries and has been awarded internationally (C21’s Best Multiplatform Format Award, “The Builders of the Century”, European Crime prevention Award). He has been awarded the a prestigious State Public Information Award.

He is also the founder of Gutsy Media (social enterprise) and a board member of Combili, which specializes in urban organic gardens.