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Gutsy Go is a novel way to increase peace, trust and participation in communities.

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For teachers and youth workers

Gutsy Go training courses offers you experience of actively building peace as well as the skills to apply the Gutsy Go method to your work with young people. The courses concentrate on inclusive and community-building pedagogy.

– Short Gutsy Go courses can be implemented as part of teachers’ training days (3 – 6 h)

– The three-day instructor course gives participants the skills to coach their own team during a Gutsy Go action week   

“The best way for team-building among colleagues.” Jenny O.

“The best training day I’ve ever had.” Sanna V.

For companies and communities

The Gutsy Go course highlights the team’s strengths and makes the power of teamwork visible in a concrete way. The connections built among the team during the course facilitates creative problem-solving and bolsters the team’s mutual trust. The course can be tailored to take 3 hours to 3 days.

“I think our entire staff should get to do this.” Tomi G.

“The coaches were professional and gave us tools which I’ll be able to use in many different contexts in the future. All the warmth and caring and getting to know your colleagues was just what I needed.” Anri G.

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For schools, municipalities and the youth sector:

The weeks organised with a team of Gutsy Go’s pedagogues and media experts are an impressive way for a municipality to kick off Gutsy Go projects. After the actual project, the activities can be carried on independently, and the method can be applied to everyday work in schools and in the youth work sector.

Gutsy Go action weeks have been organised as city-wide operations as well as in single neighbourhoods. The implementation can be customised to fit current needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s come up with the best solution for you together!

“We organised an action week with the help of a Gutsy pro team in the autumn of 2018. Some of our teachers took part in the action week and the instructor training. The experience was impressive and inspiring. Based on the Gutsy model, we’ve since carried on and independently organised a yearly “Hyvis” week.” Sirpa Tammisuo, principal, School of Lintumetsä

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For professional events
and seminars

Is your professional event of seminar looking for an impactful, expert presentation; a fresh take and experience-oriented view to strengthening youths’ participation? The speeches of Gutsy Go’s pedagogical and media experts as well as those of the youth highlight in an impressive and moving way the importance of societal cohesion, hopefulness and peace in furthering the well-being of young people Our workshops offer an experiential crash course in the idea and central tools of the method.

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For public event and celebrations

Upgrade your event with content designed to improve societal cohesion and participation. The content is produced by Gutsy Go’s professional MC’s and Gutsy Sparks youths. Based on youths’ acts of peace and the interaction-improving parts of the Gutsy Go method, the number will warm up the audience, fire up the conversation and create the conditions for having a memorable event and making new acquaintances. The proceeds go directly to running Gutsy Go.

“The young Gutsy Go MC’s really made our 50th anniversary shine. They brought the voice of the future as well as fresh insights to guest interviews as well as to their MC speeches. Highly recommended.” Liisa Suvikumpu, CEO, Säätiöt ja rahastot ry

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